Above Ground: Information on Artists III

Above Ground

“This study of aging visual artists in New York City offers a unique look at a population that has implications for us all. The stereotypes of aging, which I have both defined and battled all my professional life, are compounded for artists for whom stereotypes abound.

Not only does this study combat the misperceptions of aging, it sheds new light by the unique solutions artists embrace in living—for retirement (they don’t), for social networking, for communication (over three-quarters communicate weekly or daily with other artists), and as productive members of society, working in their studios on a daily basis. It deals with older people’s sense of mastery from a variety of New York communities in this city of immigrants. It shows them as productive, self-aware and savvy. And it provides some new ways of thinking about all of us as we age.

While this is not a medical or psychiatric treatise, through in-depth interviews and a methodology to identify hidden populations, it gets to the beating hearts of a population that lives as well as works creatively, a population that offers some new models to the growing freelance population, the baby boomers and the rest of us who would grow old.”

— Dr. Robert N. Butler
President and CEO
International Longevity Center, USA

Executive Summary available in English, Spanish and Chinese. The full report is available only in English.

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