On Respect for Art
An essential text for the visual arts world with exactly the right geographical focus for our new century.

Andrew Foster
Chief Operating Officer, USA Christie's

on ArtsMoney
[A] lucid and important book.....ArtsMoney should be of considerable help to artists and arts organizations whose survival and growth depend on generating financial support.... The book focuses less on the lively art of grantsmanship than on other strategies that can insure fiscal stability. Jeffri clearly knows the cultural landscape in this country, and one of the virtues of ArtsMoney is its awareness of the many nontraditional ways that arts organizations have secured funds.

Leonard Fleischer
Senior Advisor, Arts Programs for the Exxon Corporation

On Respect for Art
The art and cultural industries in China are experiencing an ascendant moment, which demand significant arts administration talents. This book quenches the thirst of those preparing such talents. As the first publication on comparative research of Sino-American arts administration systems, it also offers a broad vision and fresh experience.

Fan Di'an
Director, National Art Museum of China

The Emerging Arts is a thorough and thoughtful volume that combine[s] an insider's knowledge of the gritty details of entrepreneurship and management with the scholar's analytic purchase on the big picture. It's still the best book on the subject.

Paul DiMaggio
A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

On The Emerging Arts: Management, Survival and Growth
Bravo to Joan Jeffri for having the vision, resourcefulness, and stamina to tackle and write about those issues that are the real heart of the problems facing the arts. Her approach is gratifying acknowledgment of the philosophical, aesthetic, and organizational complexities that exist beyond the purview of those of us who were, or thought we ere, instinctively holding the tiger by the tail....Ms. Jeffri's approach and analysis recognizes that the arts, especially the emerging arts, are confronted by another set of odds, and that each company--an each artist and artistic manager within it--is facing the possibility of being pigeon-holed by the very forces that may shape its destiny."

Barbara Weisberger
Founder, The Pennsylvania Ballet

On The Emerging Arts: Management, Survival and Growth
Finally, the arts community has a definitive work, which is not only a valuable tool for students of the theatre, dance, and visual arts, but is also an important chronicle that describes the roots of today's arts explosion....Ms. Jeffri shoulld be commended for such a valuable contribution to our understanding of the current cultural environment. I highly recommend this work for all serious students of the modern cultural scene.

George C. White
President, Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theatre Center

On The Emerging Arts: Management, Survival and Growth
This is an essential and much needed book that will benefit and help free the creative mind.

James Rosenquist

The Emerging Arts is an incisive and sensitive study of the complexities of survival among emerging arts organizations. Ms. Jeffri's detailed and frank analyses of subjects--such as institutionalization, artist-run organizations versus formal management, economic survival, funding source pressures, consortiums--are a MUST for all funding sources and for any serious student interested in gaining an insight into the passion and the dream versus the immense frustrations and uncertainties and agonies of survival faced by many of our emerging arts institutions.

Miriam Colon Edgar
Founder, Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre